Real Time Astrology 2020/21

by Cal Garrison

American edition, pour la version française cliquez ici

Cal Garrison’s astrological readings delight thousands of Internet users every week. Instead of describing each zodiac sign individually, Cal Garrison interprets the planetary constellations of the day.

Her writings are steeped in stories of Lilith, Neptune and Atlantis, the myths and legends of Ragnarok, Merlin and King Arthur, Halloween and spells, Greek gods and ancient Egypt, Hopi prophecies and the Book of Revelation, Native Americans and the Kogi…
Cal Garrison is an astrologer in a class of her own, whole and flamboyant!
In addition to the art of divination, she offers us real tools for living in this time of great change, including deep meditation exercises and links to healing frequencies…
The richness and diversity of the stories from her life as an astrologer give this book a joyful, intimate and singular reading quality.

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